Why Holy Meadow?

When Saint Ita went about finding the place where she would found her community, she was lead by three heavenly lights to a place in County Limerick, called Cluain Credal (medieval Irish), or 'Holy Meadow.' I designed the image to represent Saint Ita's Holy Meadow. Note the three heavenly lights above her church upon a meadow.

This image was painted by, Sr Sheila Doody FMA, Salesian and hangs in the Salesian convent, Dún ĺde, Limerick

Who Is Saint Ita?

Saint Ita was a sixth century Irish Abbess who founded a convent and a school for children. She fostered many who would later become saints themselves, including Saint Brendan the Navigator. As such, she is known as the "Foster Mother of the Saints of Ireland." She was sought out by many for her spiritual direction and graces of prophesy and healing. She was born to nobility around 470 AD and was said to have possessed the six virtues of Irish womanhood: wisdom, purity, beauty, musical ability, sweet speech and needle skills. As a young girl, originally called, Deirdre, she was so enamored with God that she attained the name, Ita, meaning, 'thirst for holiness' or 'thirst for divine love.' She is co-patron of the Diocese of Limerick and she is also my beloved Patron Saint.

About Me

I'm Laurie, a former lifelong witch and cartomancer who came into the Catholic Church in 2021. For as long as I can remember, I also had a 'thirst for divine love' like Saint Ita. While I spent the majority of my life pursuing it in all the wrong ways, our God is loving and merciful and never gave up on calling me to Him. I finally joyfully acquiesced at Midnight Mass in December 2020 and am a very happy convert! Around the same time I 'came to my senses' I started reading a book on Celtic Saints and its there that I first met Saint Ita. When it was time for me to choose a Patron Saint, I realized that she had chosen me long before I even knew who she was. How could I not choose her in return?


I previously used my website as a place to teach about paganism, wicca and various new age practices. I also offered psychic readings and reiki healing too. I am now using this site to blog about my conversion and Catholicism in general. I have a lot of ideas about what I will write about. Whatever it is I do with my writing and creativity I do in loving devotion to our Father and for His glory.